About Us

Sensory Kingdom is a family owned business located in Geelong Australia and our mission is to provide our community with tools to assist with the challenges that daily life can bring. We are not only parents of neurodivergent daughters, but neurodivergent people ourselves.

The idea for Sensory Kingdom came to us over a few months. Needing sensory tools for our children and struggling with buying online, we wished for a place we could walk into and have the girls try things out first, or physically see the items in person. Then the fidget craze hit schools and although we were not strangers to the world of fidgets and stimming, the girls became so excited that it had hit mainstream, we were buying fidgets every week to add to the collection! Combine those things with looking for work that fit around our family's need levels, and Sensory Kingdom was born!

We know there are many other families out there who have similar stories to ours, so we aim to provide a supportive community feel in store. A safe place were we can all share our tips and tricks and learn some new ones a long the way while also providing quality fidgets and sensory tools. 

It has been an emotional and at times stressful rollercoaster to get to where we are, but we love what we are doing! 

With your support we will to continue to expand our product range and our knowledge.